Security Doors For The Home

Peace of mind when at home or away is a high priority for most people. With concern over home invasion robberies in residential neighborhoods of more and more communities, home security measures are becoming more and more commonplace. There are, of course, different ways of improving the security against intrusion but reviewing just how secure … Read more

Dangers In The Home

Dangers In The Home Let’s tour the home, room-by-room. Your home… First the Porch and the front door… Do you have a doormat on the outside that is non-slip? Do you have a worn doormat that will trip? A curled-up edge on a doormat can be a real danger especially if your entry door and … Read more

Home Safety Tips Checklists

Two Home Safety Tips Checklists by There are two Safety Checklists for the home provided on this web page; one for indoors and one for outdoor areas, primarily the back yard and garden areas. How to make a home that is alive with crawling, cruising, reaching, climbing babies, Baby-Safe: There should no surprise here; … Read more

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