Safety At Home – Baby Monitors

Determining What Makes The Best Baby Monitors

When you have a baby, knowing that all is well especially when your baby is out of your sight is so, so important. Hearing a baby breathing gives so much peace of mind. A baby monitor is a logical appliance or device to consider purchasing to allow you to continually be aware of your baby without having to physically go to the baby’s room every ten or fifteen minutes.

Is Baby Sleeping Peacefully or Is He or She In Distress?

Having a baby monitor that will alert you to any sound that might indicate that something is wrong – that something is not as it should be – is critical if you are to be able to relax for a few hours having rocked and cradled your baby to sleep, laid her or him gently in the cradle, and then stepped away as quietly as possible, closed the door to the bedroom, and headed to the family room, the kitchen, the bathroom, or your own bedroom.

How Many Locations Do You Need Monitors For?

Immediately you realize that unless you are ‘wearing’ the monitor so that the monitor goes everywhere with you, you might feel that you need to have more than one ‘parent unit’. ‘Parent unit’ is the term that is most often used for your listening (and watching) unit. Do you need a ‘Parent Unit’ for every room or location in the house that you typically move between? Does any baby monitor system you are considering provide the capability to move ‘Parent units’ around easily, and if they do, to what extent? Do you need a system that supports just a single ‘Parent unit’ or, do you need a Baby Monitoring system that allows for 2 monitors, 3 monitors, or 4, 5, or more?

Not everyone’s needs are the same, of course, so what is the best number, or what is the minimum number, will be dependent on the individual situation. If you have a small 2-bedroom apartment, a baby monitor system with only a single monitor that you can easily pick-up and move from room to room might be perfectly adequate. On the other hand, if you have a tri-level home with 4 or 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (not counting en suite bathrooms), a reception room, a family room, a study, a dining room, and a kitchen, you are definitely going to need more than one monitor.

At a minimum, you’d probably like to have at least one on each of the two levels that the baby’s bedroom is not on. However, finding baby monitoring systems that support multiple parent units (listening/watching units) isn’t so easy. Portable units, including those with belt-attachable pouches, are, however, widely available.

What Is The Layout of Your Home?

How open-plan the layout of your home is will also impact how many monitor locations – rooms or areas where having an active listening parent unit might make sense – you have. In open-plan layouts, one monitor strategically placed can often be heard in multiple locations, but when the study ha