Canes, Walkers & Rollers

When a person has difficulty walking because of an injury, a disability or simply because they no longer have the physical strength or dexterity to walk unaided, canes, walkers and rollers become a consideration. Even when a disability scooter or wheelchair becomes a necessity for trips beyond the local neighborhood or beyond the home, these … Read more

Security Doors For The Home

Peace of mind when at home or away is a high priority for most people. With concern over home invasion robberies in residential neighborhoods of more and more communities, home security measures are becoming more and more commonplace. There are, of course, different ways of improving the security against intrusion but reviewing just how secure … Read more

Discussion Board

As this website continues to develop and its content increases to address more Home Safety topics, one of our goals is to respond to the needs of those who find themselves on the website. We all have specific and differing needs and, while it would be great to get to the point where the website … Read more

Senior/Elderly Safety 

When talking about Senior & Elderly Safety, the first question to ask and answer is: “What is the difference between a senior person and an elderly person?” …and the answer is ‘nothing or everything’ depending on the perspective of the situation and one’s viewpoint. In the context of accidents and injuries, one becoming elderly can … Read more

The ‘At Home DIY Guy’

If you feel that you are the ‘At Home DIY Guy’, you might like to check out this blog page. It’s where you will find posted info and links for websites and products that I think might be of interest to all ‘At Home DIY Guys’, and, needless to say, there’s likely to be a … Read more

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