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There are two aspects to making your home safe. First is to minimize the likelihood of anyone living in or visiting your home from having an accident that could cause injury, and second to make your home secure against intruders. This website’s pages addresses both of these concerns.

Living Room
The living room might be the safest room in the home, or maybe not…

At ‘Safety-At-Home’, we are here to help you with prevention. Whether you are, or someone you care for is, a person living alone, or you are a couple living together, or a couple with children – babies, toddler, teens or in-betweens, or you are elderly living on your own or with others, being pro-active about preventing accidents is a better insurance policy than just letting accidents happen and relying on an insurance policy that covers your home or insurance that covers your medical and healthcare needs.

Your primary interest(s) regarding home safety could be general or it could be focused in one or more of these areas:

Kitchens can be filled with hazards…
Dining Room
The dining room is often the scene of accidents…
  • Babies & Toddlers
  • Young Children
  • Teenage Children
  • Youth and Young Adults
  • Adults
  • Seniors and Elderly
  • Children with disabilities
  • Adults with disabilities
  • A key to keeping children safe at home is making your home safe for toddlers who are probably the most challenging to keep safe and out of trouble. Making a home safe for toddlers is a challenge because they are mobile and are able to get into just about anything; especially anything that’s below counter-height in the kitchen, a utility room or bathroom; anywhere that cleaning products might be stored.

    On this website you will find good home safety tips with kids in mind, and also a good home safety checklist for kids’ just click this link to be taken to our list of child home safety tips and child home safety checklist.

    Also, you can locate child safety supplies and child safety equipment by clicking this link.

    Our bottom-line goal for families is making your home safe for children and for everyone else living or visiting your home including those who are elderly, and so we have created a separate ‘home safety tips for seniors’ list and a checklist of safety precautions for elderly people.

    If you would like a copy of “Tips for Safety In The Home” PDF, please request it using the ‘Leave A Reply’ comment field below, and we’ll email it to you.

    We welcome feedback, including knowing which of the categories listed above (one or more) are of primary interest to you. We would really appreciate any input.

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