When It Comes To Home Safety – Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Safety in the home should be a big issue for everyone (or at least it should be until you have made sure that you have safeguarded against any and all foreseeable accidents) so that even minor incidents can be avoided and – hopefully – prevented. Unfortunately, although it might not happen frequently, minor incidents can lead to major disasters.

Home on fire

Whe it comes to Safety At Home there are two things that are ‘major’ should they happen: You lose your home to fire or a serious accident injures someone in your home. If you lse the home to fire and have someone injured, that is even worse, especially if the injury is fatal.

No-one wants to lose their home to a fire which is the most likely major property disaster a household might experience. So you have fire insurance (hopefully) that will rebuild and replace whatever you might lose, dependent of course on how good your insurance policy is and what the cause of the fire might have been. But more likely, there are minor incidents that every household faces. Incidents that result in emergency room visits, medical procedures, even periods of disability.

Prevention is the better insurance policy

At ‘Safety In The Home’, we are here to help you with prevention, not just for major incidents like fire, but also for everything from minor cuts and bruises to major injuries. Anticipating and taking action to prevent is definitely preferable to injuries and losses.

Whether you are, or someone you care for is, a person living alone, or you are a couple living together, or a couple with children – babies, toddler, teens or in-betweens, or you are elderly living on your own or with others, being pro-active about preventing accidents is a better insurance policy than just letting accidents happen and relying on an insurance policy that covers your home or insurance that covers your medical and healthcare needs.

Living Room
The living room should be the safest room in the home, but how safe is it?

Your primary interest(s) regarding home safety could be general in nature or your interest might be focussed in one or more of these areas:

The dining room can be the scene of accidents

Ideas and Resources

The kitchen can be full of hazards

The various pages and posts of this website will, we hope, give you ideas and will also direct you to and even connect you with resources that will help you make your home a safe place for you and your family.

The various pages and posts of this website will, we hope, give you ideas and practical suggestions to implement.

Our goal is to identify and even connect you with resources that will help you make your home a safe place for you and your family.

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  1. Thank you for ahrung this out here. In all honesty, it is the simple truth that we all want to leave extensively okay but no one wishes the unfortunate uoind themselves by losing their house especially to soemting that is very preventable. Thank you for sharing these tips here. Knowing what to do and sticking to it just to ensure we can have the best chances of staying safe is quite great to see. Thank you so much

    • Thank you. PDF being emailed.
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