Home Security Safes – Safes for Valuables, Documents and Guns

Your home might one that has no valuables that justify having a safe. Your home might one that has no important documents that justify having a safe. Your home might one that has no guns that would justify having a gun safe. However, if any of these three statements is untrue, then you probably should have an appropriate Home Security safe.

Selecting The Best Home Security Safe

Home safes are designed for your personal security whether it be primarily for valuables, documents or guns. Most home security safes are appropriate for valuables and documents. Determine the size of Home Security Safe or Security Safe Box that you need will mostly be a decision based on the capacity that your valuables and/or documents, or both combined, require. If your collection, or one of your collections, is guns then you would need to consider a Gun Safe except for gun collections that are just a single small arms gun, or maybe just a couple, that can be adequately stored in general-purpose security safes.

Gun Security Safe with Biometric Fingerprint or RFID Lock

A small security safe will meet many homeowner’s needs, in which case consideration as to available physical space and location is unlikely to be a major problem. Finding that a small Security Safe Box may meet all your needs will give you a range of sizes and options of Security Safe Boxes and Small Security Safes to choose from.

When large security safes become a necessity, not only is physical size – floor area and height – a consideration, but weight may also be a concern if planning to locate the safe on an upper-level floor. Large safes are often best located on a solid floor.

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Security Safe Boxes for Home Office 

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Fire Security Safes

Documents and many collections may need the added protection of a fireproof safe. Fireproof Home Safes are rated based upon how well they can protect the contents in the event of a fire. One of the reasons for placing any safe – fireproof or otherwise – on a solid floor is that the safe will not fall through the floor to whatever room is beneath it in the event a major fire occurring in the home.

A complement to any safe are fireproof document pouches. These items provide substantial help when organizing and protecting important documents.

Fireproof Document Bags (2):  15″X11″ Fireproof Safe Bag & 7″x9″ Money Pouch Envelope                       

Gun Security

National statistics tell us that far too many injuries and deaths from gunshots occur in the home due to accidents, and the reason for a large percentage of these accidents is that the guns were not securely stored.

Guns are stored in homes for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most obvious reason, and the first that comes to mind, is personal protection. Most guns intended for personal protection are not stored in gun safes but are stored in bedside cabinets, under the bed, or even under the pillow. Most guns that are stored in gun safes are guns – handguns, rifles, and shotguns – for sports activities (which includes firearms and airguns), or are hunting guns. Bows, and especially crossbows and their bolts, are also be candidates for storing in gun safes.


Along with the guns themselves, ammunition needs secure storage, and so even the home that has guns only for personal protection needs to have a gun security safe.

Accidental Deaths From Gun Shots In The U.S.A.

One chilling statistic of accidental deaths from gunshots in the U.S.A. is that more than half of the accidental deaths from gunshots in the U.S.A. each year are suicides. Many of the guns used in suicides are legally registered guns being taken advantage of by someone other than the legal owner, and often, a family member.

Three-quarters of all U.S. murders in 2017 – 14,542 out of 19,510 – involved a firearm. About half (51%) of all suicides that year – 23,854 out of 47,173 – involved a gun. [Source: https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019, August 2019]

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