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Helping You Make Your Home Safe Is Our Primary Concern

Whether your home is for you and you alone, or for you and your partner, or for you and your family, making your home safe simply makes sense. This is especially true when there are babies, toddlers, other young children, youth (pre-teens), teens, and any elderly persons. Children and adults with disabilities also need special mention and consideration. 

The goals of this website are to help you recognize potential hazards that could cause incidents that you would prefer not to happen and to be a resource that will help you choose and find the best solutions.

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Our blog posts – listed in the right-side panel if you are viewing in landscape orientation (widescreen) and also be accessed by selecting ‘Blog Posts’ from the Menu – are continually evolving and our goal is that the articles will provide ideas, suggestions, and links that will be helpful to all want to improve the safety of their home, indoors and outside.

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