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As this website continues to develop and its content increases to address more Home Safety topics, one of our goals is to respond to the needs of those who find themselves on the website.

We all have specific and differing needs and, while it would be great to get to the point where the website is so comprehensive that any home safety question or search on the website or inquiry would be answered, we know our posts and web pages are only scratching the surface. Of course, at the bottom of every post and every page, there is a ‘Leave a Reply’ section. We invite you to leave us comments, suggestions, advisories if we have a bad link, or whatever might move you to communicate with us. Our goal is to acknowledge and, where possible, provide an answer with 24 hours.

In the short term, while we determine what might be the best route for developing a Discussion Board – a Safety-At-Home.org forum as it were, please use the ‘Leave a Reply’ space below to leave us comments, questions, bad-link alerts, or suggestions.

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– Ron

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Site Visitor Suggestions:

Natural Ingredients Floor Cleaner & Polish [Submitted by Connie Varr –

For those of you searching for a natural-ingredients floor cleaner & polish, I suggest this recipe for your hardwood floors.

You can adjust the amounts per scale should you want a smaller amount – instead of putting it in a bucket you can put this in a spray bottle and spray onto your floor and mop so in that case, you would want to divide these amounts probably by 8. 2 cups of water, 1/2 cup of white distilled vinegar, 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol and 1/8 tsp of dish soap.

In a bucket mix together:
1-gallon warm water
4 cups white vinegar (distilled)
2 cups rubbing alcohol
***1 tsp liquid dish soap – The Original Dawn Works Great
(optional) Pure essential oil, not blends – The amount is up to you – depends how much scent you prefer.

*** It is best to use a plain detergent such as Dawn, the original. Dish soaps with added ingredients such as anti-bacterial or scents or something to moisturize your skin will have ingredients that will streak and change the outcome of the cleaner. [Some folks suggest swapping Castile Soap or Borax or other natural soaps for the dish detergent – this could leave streaks so it is NOT recommended.] Always use Distilled White Vinegar as using Apple Cider Vinegar will attract pests and leave streaks.

Floor Cleaner: If your floors already have a build-up of a film this recipe MIGHT take it off – depends on the reason for the build-up. You could try this recipe without the detergent for the first few moppings to see if it breaks up the film. If there is no film build-up at the moment, then mix up this formula and mop away.

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