Safety At Home – Making A Home Secure

Making Your Home Secure 

A plethora of security hardware is available to make your external doors secure. The challenge is learning enough about locks and other security hardware to make sure you pick the best and most appropriate option for any given need. The sections below will help with simple explanations to enable you to have an intelligent discussion when you are searching online or in a store for security hardware.

When thinking about security for home safety, in addition to locks and deadbolts, alarm systems and video security may also come to mind. Usually, our initial thoughts are focussed on preventing someone from breaking in and stealing our most valuable possessions, a criminal act often referred to as an invasion robbery.

Locks and Security Systems

Locks with and without deadbolts, and with different kinds of keys presenting different levels of difficulty when it comes to someone trying to break into a home are available. The higher the level of difficulty presented by a lock installed in a door or on a window, the greater the security, but also the higher the cost to implement.

To complement locks, there are sliding bolts and other security hardware options; some necessary and justified, sometimes more optional.

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The following sections provide more information on each of these topics – Locks & Deadbolts, Alarm Systems, and Video Surveillance Systems.

Getting The Best Fit Locks and Dead Bolts

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The two main types of locks for doors are deadbolt locks and spring bolt locks, most often simply referred to as ‘spring locks’. Deadbolt locks are regarded as providing higher security than spring locks, but deadbolt locks are not always necessary. Spring locks are most often for internal doors, bedrooms, and bathrooms, for example, while deadbolt locks are most often used for external doors. There are times when both might be used together, for example, a security door which usually are metal, steel or aluminum, might have a deadbolt lock system installed in it and the ‘property door’ which is internal to the security door but never-the-less an external grade door, might have a spring lock installed in it. The justification for this would be high security for the security door and convenience of use for the property door. A standard configuration offered with spring locks is key operation from the outside and no key required for operation on the inside.  In addition to the convenience of not needing to use a key to lock or unlock a spring lock from the inside of the property, there is most likely a cost advantage over the deadbolt lock.


Locks and bolts are installed in/on doors, of course. If you are selecting a door, choosing the right kind of doors is important, especially when the door is an external door. Front doors, which usually have visibility to the street, are usually selected based on appearance; what kind of style will look best on the home. But a nice looking dor might not be the most secure door. For external doors, front door, side door or back door, avoid a door that has a glass panel that can be easily broken and could allow a person to reach inside and unlock the door from the outside.

Doors with glass panes that allow you to see who is ringing the doorbell or knocking on the door while being decorative and attractive often allow easy entry into a home that is unoccupied. Also, if the glass pane is frosted or decorative you might not be able to see clearly who the person is before opening the door. If you want to have light coming in through the door, choose a ‘high up on the door’ glass panel.

An inexpensive, simple-to-install option not to overlook is the option of a ‘peephole’ Door Viewer, which is a purely mechanical device with no moving parts and no batteries required that allows you to ‘see through the door’ and see who is outside on the doorstep.

Alarm Systems

For complementing locks and bolts, as mentioned earlier, one might be also thinking of either alarm systems or video surveillance. The current technology solution, which will cost somewhat more than $12 or $15 for a simple Door Viewer, is the Security Camera Doorbell or “Door Camera”.

At the ‘top end’ of the spectrum of security systems are alarm systems and video surveillance systems.

  • An alarm system is mostly associated with protecting your property when you set the alarm because you are leaving the property unoccupied; away at work or away overnight such as on a business trip or vacation.
  • A video surveillance system, which can incorporate alarm system features will allow you to see who it is outside when you are on the inside, but only if you have a video monitor close by the door, and, while your mobile device is capable of being your monitor, you have to have your mobile device with you.

Alarm systems that are available range from being very simple, such as a baby monitor, to very complex and sophisticated systems that monitor anywhere and just about everywhere and can even be remotely managed.  Click on the image and the link will take you to

An alarm system might be required to protect an entire property or to protect access to just a single room in a home; however, the nature of the contents of the room might – as in the case of a room used for gun storage – justify an immediate response. Other examples of using door alarms that might justify immediate response include alarms on external doors or gates in elderly people’s care situations because of concern over a person with dementia wandering and getting lost or in other difficulties.

Other situations that can require alarms that justify an immediate response are children and pets, especially in apartment buildings where flights of stairs and balconies represent a significant potential danger for small children; especially crawlers and toddlers.

Video Surveillance Systems

Current technology offers a wide range of excellent Video Surveillance System options, wired and wireless. The scope of this page at this time extends to only a brief introduction. There is additional information on Camera System options on the Home Safety Security Systems – Cameras and Video Surveillance Cameras for the Home pages.

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Wireless Systems

Current technology offers a wide range of Wireless Systems options especially those associated with Video Surveillance Systems. The scope of this page at this time extends to only a brief introduction.                                                                      Click on this link to be taken to to search for Video Surveillance Wireless options.                                                                          Amazon UK: For UK ordering and delivery, Click this link to be taken to

Integrated Video Surveillance and Alarm Systems

Having the integration of video surveillance and an alarm capability, especially with wireless technology integrated too, when installed in conjunction with appropriate locks and other security devices can – if one can justify the cost – create an awesome property security system. Such systems require significant research and qualified professional help to design, install, and maintain. Here are some excellent resources for learning about and selecting such systems.

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